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What are Russian Rubles?

Russian Rubles are the currency that is used in Russia.

Why are Russian Rubles available now?

Offering the Steam catalog in Rubles allows us to display prices in a manner that is more familiar to our users in Russia. Additionally, it will allow us to offer more local payment options in the future and provide a better overall customer experience for Steam customers.

Are there any changes to the games being sold on Steam in Russian Rubles?

Nothing has changed with the games being offered on Steam in Russia. All of the languages and features in the games that existed when the store was priced in USD are still available.

Why are some games missing from the catalog?

We continue to work with all of our partners to have as much of our catalog as possible available in Russia.

Why are some payment methods no longer available in the Russian store?

We continue to work with all of our partners to offer the best available payment options in Russia.

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