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Samsung TV Steam Link App

Samsung TV Steam Link App

Samsung Smart TVs now have built in Steam Link functionality. Just head to the Samsung Smart Hub to download the free app.

The App uses the same streaming technology as Valve's Steam Link, allowing you to play your favorite games and even spectate VR games right from your TV.

If you have questions about the app or need help using it, just click the appropriate tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my TV use this app?

The Samsung TV Steam Link App is only available on 2016 and newer Samsung Smart TVs. In addition to the standard 1080p, the application supports full 4K streaming on 2017 TV models.

If you do not see the app in the Samsung Smart Hub it is likely that you have an older TV model, or you might be located in one of the countries where the app hasn't been released.

Can I play on my computer and the Samsung Steam Link application simultaneously?

Similar to the Steam Link device, you can control games from either the Link application or your host computer, but not both at once.

Can the Link application play games my computer can’t?

The role of the Link application is to stream content from your computer to a TV using the same technology as in-home streaming. Your games will not play any better than they already do on your computer.

What Controllers are Supported?

The Samsung TV App currently supports the following controllers:

  • Steam Controller
  • Xbox 360 Wireless/Wired
  • Xbox One Wired
  • Logitech F510 / F710

How do I use the Steam Controller with the app?

Make sure the Steam Controller is paired to the wireless receiver before attempting to use the controller with the Link application using the instructions below:

  • Turn your Steam Controller off and launch Big Picture Mode with your mouse and keyboard.
  • While in Big Picture Mode, select the ‘Settings’ icon from the top right section of the client.
  • From here, select the ‘Controller’ menu.
  • Then select 'Add Steam Controller’ and follow the on-screen pairing instructions
  • Once paired, plug the wireless receiver into the Samsung TV to navigate the Steam Link application.

Does the Steam Link app support connecting to a PIN secured host computer?

No, in order to connect you'll need to remove the PIN by clicking on "Set Steam Link PIN Code" on the In-Home Streaming settings on the remote computer, leaving the PIN blank, and clicking OK.


Can't Connect to Network or Find Host Computer

If you are experiencing issues connecting to or finding your host computer, try the following steps:

  • Make sure the TV has the most recent firmware update.
  • Reinstall the Link application with the most recent version.
  • Power cycle the TV by unplugging it for 10 seconds.
  • Make sure the TV and the host computer are on the same network and client isolation is turned off on your router.

Contacting Samsung Support

If you have issues with the app before streaming starts or questions about supported devices, please contact Samsung Support. Depending upon the TV model, you can also reach Samsung Support directly from your TV through the the Support menu.

Contacting Steam Support

If you have successfully connected to your PC and are still having issues, contact Steam Support and attach the remote_connections.txt and streaming_log.txt files to your ticket.

The default location for this file on your PC is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\logs

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