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System Profiler Reports

What is a System Profiler report and how do I create one?

How can I attach my report to a Steam Support ticket?

Generating a System Report

A System report details the hardware and software configuration of machines running Mac OS - these reports allow our technical support department to review your machine for hardware and software conflicts to recommend solutions to crashes and other issues.

Please observe the following instructions to run and save an System report if requested by Steam Support

  1. Open the Apple menu and click "About This Mac."

  2. Click the "More Info..." button at the bottom of the "About This Mac" dialog.

  3. Click the "System Report..." button at the bottom of the new, detailed "About This Mac" dialog. The System Information application should appear.

  4. In the Menu Bar, click "File" > "Save..."

  5. The save dialog should appear. In the "Save As:" field, name the file SystemProfiler and select "Desktop" as where it will be saved. If the option is available, ensure the "File Format" is set to "System Profiler (XML)"

Attaching your System Profiler report to a Steam Support ticket

  1. Log in to your support account
  2. Navigate to the 'Your questions' tab (where you would normally write your support tickets)
  3. To attach a file to your ticket, navigate to 'Add Attachment' (underneath the text entry field)
  4. Click 'Add Attachment' to reveal the uploading interface
  5. Click on the 'Browse' button to locate the file on your computer
  6. Once you have located the file, select it in the browser window and click 'Open'

At this point, if you need to upload more than one file, you may do so by clicking 'Attach' and following steps 3 through 6

Submit your ticket once you have finished attaching the file(s).

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