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How do I purchase the Battle Pass as a gift?

Battle Passes can be gift wrapped to anyone that has been on your friend's list for more than a year.

If you have added a mobile authenticator to your account, you can send a gift to anyone that has been on your friend's list for more than 30 days.

For anyone who has been on your friends list for less than 30 days, normal Steam trading restrictions will apply. The specific restriction will be shown in the Dota 2 client.

I leveled up my Battle Pass but did not receive my rewards.

Rewards must be manually claimed from the Battle pass reward track in the Dota 2 client.

Teleport, Fountain, and Blink effects are not armory items. Once they have been claimed, they will be available automatically.

I'm unable to equip the new Teleport, Fountain, or Blink effects.

In-game effects are automatically applied to your account once you have claimed them. They cannot be traded.

These effects are not shown in custom Dota games (including Hero Demo).

Please note that once the Battle Pass expires, these effects will be removed as well.

Why can I not open my treasures?

Not all Immortal treasures have been released at this time. Treasures that are not available will be shown with a locked icon over their image.

A prediction page has been locked before I could make my selections - can I still make predictions?

Once a prediction page is locked, picks can no longer be made or changed. This is to ensure all picks are made before any of the games have been played. Points for these predictions cannot be earned without making correct predictions. If you activated your Pass after these pages are locked, you cannot make these predictions.

I completed a quest or achievement and it was not recorded in my Battle Pass.

If the Steam and Dota 2 servers are unable to record the outcome of a game, completed achievements & quests will not be counted. When a game is not recorded, sufficient records will not exist on the Dota 2 servers to receive credit for this game at a later time. Steam support does not grant credit for participation in events that were not properly recorded.

Games played in low priority or games in which a player abandons will not qualify for quests or achievements.

Practice matches and private lobbies do not unlock Battle Pass related events

Your Battle Points can be tracked via the Battle Log. To access the Battle Point Log:

  1. Launch Dota 2
  2. Navigate to your Battle Pass
  3. click the BATTLE POINT LOG link on the right side, under the POINTS TO NEXT LEVEL progress bar.

Rylai's Battle Blessing - Where is my Item?

Spins that land on the blue SPIN AGAIN sections will not result in an arcana. An arcana is awarded if spin lands on the arcana image in the green ARCANA section of the wheel.

NOTE: If the Dota 2 servers are down or experiencing issues, you may recieve an item reward without a notification in the game's UI. In this case, you would find the item reward in your Armory

I have an issue or question regarding the Battle Cup event.

Please see the Battle Cup FAQ for answers to the most commonly asked questions.

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