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Half-Life 2 Video Error: Gray Fog Glitch

Character models and objects have a gray fog on them.  What can I do?

This error is usually seen by ATI video card owners when Catalyst AI is disabled.  Please see the following screenshot:

ATI Card Owners: Enable Catalyst AI

  1. Right-click on your desktop and select Catalyst Control Panel
  2. In the tree in the left window pane, select 3D > Catalyst AI
  3. Uncheck Disable Catalyst AI.  The slider may be left in either Basic or Advanced mode.


nVIDIA Card Owners

If you see this error and you have a nVIDIA, please update your video card drivers to the latest version.  See the Updating Drivers topic for further instructions.


Alternate solution

This solution may be necessary if you are seeing this problem with an Intel GMA 3 or 4 series integrated GPU, or in some games that Catalyst AI does not solve this issue for. While this unfortunately disables a number of features, such as color correction and High Dynamic Range (HDR) lighting, some users may prefer to sacrifice these features to correct this problem.

  1. Open the game, then bring up the console.
  2. Type the following command in the console, then press Enter: mat_dxlevel 81

Allow the game some time to restart the video engine (similar to the time taken to change video resolutions).



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