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Steam fails to start

Steam fails to start and does not generate an error message - what is happening?

Steam may fail to start and silently terminate, or it may continue running in the background without loading the Login dialog.

To determine whether Steam has silently terminated or is still running, please check the Windows Task Manager:

  1. Press the CTRL, ALT, and DEL keys simultaneously
  2. Click the Task Manager button and select the Processes tab
  3. If you can locate Steam.exe under the Image Name column, Steam is running in the background


Steam continues running in the background

This issue is most commonly caused by a third-party application interfering with Steam. Please see the Programs Which Interfere with Steam topic and the Spyware, Adware, and Viruses Interfering with Steam topic for instructions to ensure any conflicts are resolved.


Steam does not continue to run in the background

Please see the Contacting VALVe Billing and Support topic for instructions to contact Steam Support for troubleshooting assistance.


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