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Becoming a Steam Content Provider

How does my company become a Steam content provider?

Valve Software is always looking for more content providing partners. Before we get started, please review the following list of requirements:

  1. You will be required to sign a hosting agreement.
  2. You must meet these minimum system requirements for the content server:
    • 64-bit dual or quad core CPU, 2.0 GHz or greater (Intel or AMD)
    • 16GB RAM (32GB RAM ideal)
    • 2TB HDD space free (4+ TB ideal)
    • HDD notes:
      • 7200RPM SATA disks are sufficient, no need for FC/SAS
      • If using a "striped" RAID level (5,6, or 10) use the largest stripe-size your controller will allow (1MB is ideal)
    • Gigabit Ethernet network interface
    • Windows 2008 Server 64-bit English
  3. Your network will need to allow outbound TCP connections from ports 27030 -> 27045, plus 30100, and inbound TCP 3389(for RDP), 27030, and 27031.
  4. Sustain a minimum available Internet conductivity for the server at 100Mbps.
  5. Provide a remote desktop username and password into the machine with admin privileges.
  6. Provide the contact name, email address and phone number of the person to contact if we need to call someone.
  7. Provide the geographic region of the world where the server is located.
  8. Provide justification and a CIDR list if the content server is restricted to a set ISP community.
  9. Provide the name you want the content server listed as under the Valve Content Server Stats page.
  10. Provide the URL which the title of your company on the status page should link to.
  11. Provide a banner image and a URL to your website for the image to show in the Steam UI. For example: Sample banner image


If you are interested in becoming a Steam content hosting provider and you can satisfy these requirements, please contact HostAServer for more information.


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