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Convert a FAT32 drive to NTFS

  • How can I convert a FAT32 drive to NTFS format to install files larger than 4GB?
  • How can I convert a FAT32 drive to NTFS format to prevent "Incomplete Installation (2)" errors?


Warning Mac Users

If you are attempting to run Steam and Steam games on a Mac computer with a Windows emulator, DO NOT use this process as your OS may no longer recognize your hard drive. Please consult Apple Support for instructions on safely converting your hard drive.



Before starting this process, make sure to backup all files from the FAT32 drive to another drive. The conversion should not delete your files but a backup is highly recommended.


  • First, check to see if the hard drive you have installed Steam to is FAT32:
    • Open My Computer
    • Right click on the drive that holds your Steam installation
    • Click on Properties
    • Under the General tab, you will see either NTFS or FAT32 next to File system.  If your drive is FAT32, please proceed on with the instructions 

  • Open the command prompt (On your desktop, click Start, select Run and type "cmd").
  • On the command line, type:

    convert <drive letter>: /fs:ntfs

    For example: if the drive to convert is D:, type in convert d: /fs:ntfs
  • It will ask for the Volume Name of the drive. Open My Computer, right click the drive to be converted and click Properties.  The name will be in the top text box.
  • If the drive is in use, it will ask to force the conversion. Select No.
  • It will ask to convert next time you restart your computer. Select  Yes.
  • Restart your computer. Windows will convert the drive upon startup.
  • Log back into Steam and begin installing your game. 


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