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The registry is in use by another process, timeout expired

Steam crashes with the message "Steam.exe (main exception): The registry is in use by another process, timeout expired" before loading - what should I do to prevent this crash?

This issue can be caused by a third-party application interfering with the normal operation of Steam - one process which has been identified with this crash is the Tuneup WinStyler Theme Service. Other applications such as BitTorrentDNA have also been confirmed to cause this issue.

Please see the Disabling Background Applications article for instructions on how to disable background applications. If disabling the application does not allow Steam to function correctly, you may want to consider completely uninstalling any applications that you believe may be causing the conflict to test Steam again.

If the issue persists, please see the list of Programs Which Interfere with Steam and Spyware, Adware, and Viruses Interfering with Steam in order to ensure that any programs known to cause issues with Steam are disabled.


This issue can also be caused by an incorrectly set BIOS clock. Please refer to the manual for your computer or motherboard or contact your computer or motherboard manufacturer for more information on checking and adjusting BIOS settings.

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