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What is a trade offer?

A trade offer is a prepackaged trade that you can send to a friend. You pick the items you’re willing to give up from your inventory and what you’d like to receive from your friend, and then send it off. Your friend can then choose to accept, decline, or make a counter offer. Unlike regular Steam Trading, you don't need to both be online at the same time. Plus, trade offers can be sent and received using a web browser.

How do I send a trade offer?

You can create and send a trade offer from two places, the Trade Offers page off your Inventory and from a friend’s Inventory.

From the trade offers page select “New trade offer…”, select a friend from the pop up list, select items from both your and their inventory to trade, add an optional message, confirm the items and make the offer. Your friend will be notified of the trade offer in the green notification drop down at the top right of Steam.

To whom can I send a trade offer?

Currently you can send trade offers to your friends. Trade offers respect Inventory privacy settings, so if your friend has their inventory set to “Private” you cannot see their inventory to select items to send a trade offer.

What can I put in a trade offer?

Any tradable items in your inventory.

Note that you cannot include Steam Wallet funds in a trade or trade offer. If someone sends you a trade offer claiming to include Steam Wallet funds it may be a scam. You can report scammers using the "Report Violation" link on their profile.

How do I view my trade offer?

When you receive a trade offer you’ll get a notification in the green notification drop down at the top right of Steam. You can view pending offers and offer history from the Trade Offers page in your Inventory.

Are items in a trade offer temporarily removed from my inventory like the market?

No, items in a trade offer remain in your inventory until an offer is accepted.

Can I send more than one offer with the same items?

Yes, you can send more than one offer containing the same items. When an offer is accepted any other pending offers with the same items will change from pending to inactive and be moved into Offer History.

What happens to an offer when an item is no longer available?

If a trade offer contains an item that is traded away or sold on the market, the trade becomes inactive and can no longer be accepted. It will automatically be moved into Offer History.

How do I change or counter an offer?

You can change or counter any offer you have received. Open the offer and select “Change offer”, then change the trade however you like, confirm the items, and “Send Counter Offer.” The counter offer will be sent back as a new trade offer.

How do I cancel an offer I've sent?

You can cancel a pending offer you've sent from the Sent Offers area of the Trade Offers page.

What do I do if I’m unhappy about a trade I made?

All trades are final; make sure you really want to make a trade before confirming.

How long is an offer good for?

Trade offers automatically expire after 2 weeks. You can find the offer expiration date at the bottom of a pending offer.

Where can I see my trade history?

You can view your trade history from the Trade Offers page or from the “More” drop down in your Inventory.

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