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Unable to load filesystem_steam.dll

I get the error:

"Unable to load c:\program files\steam\steamapps\[username]\[game]\bin\filesystem_steam.dll" or
"CFileSystem_Steam::Init() failed: failed to find steam interface"

when trying to launch a game.

Verify GCF files

Please see the Verifying GCF Cache Files article for instructions to repair your game cache files.

Extra filesystem_steam.dll or steam.dll copies

  1. Navigate to your Windows folder (default: C:\Windows)
  2. Right click the Windows folder and select Search 
  3. Search for any files named "filesystem_steam.dll" or "steam.dll"
  4. Delete or rename these files.


PC Tools Spyware Doctor

PC Tools Spyware Doctor is known to cause this issue. Please see Programs Which May Interfere with Steam for more information on resolving this issue.



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