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SteamVR Developers

SteamVR Developers

Distribute your product on Steam

To share your VR experience on Steam, you’ll need to first enroll as a Steamworks developer. To kick off that process, please email with the following information:
  • Whether or not you already have a VR headset - Steam currently supports the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and all Open VR compatible headsets.
  • Background information on your product- ideally including a trailer or demo footage.
  • A Steam account name that belongs to someone at your company with the authority to sign contracts and enter banking and tax information.
We’ll review your email and follow up. Please note that if you are requesting a device for development purposes, the fastest way to get one is ordering a retail product directly.



Access the OpenVR SDK

Use the OpenVR SDK to target SteamVR. The OpenVR SDK provides greater integration to the SteamVR platform and its tools for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and other Open VR headsets. In addition, you can use the Steamworks SDK to integrate Steam features such as matchmaking, Steam wallet, achievements and many other Steam features.




Join the developer conversation

Grab your headset and join the SteamVR Developer Hardware discussions.  


Once you’ve joined us as a Steamworks developer, join the Steamworks Development discussions to talk shop about Steam distribution and the Steamworks SDK.



Share your VR project with others for feedback

As a Steamworks developer, you can also make Steam keys to share your content with other developers via the Steamworks partner site.


In addition, our team would love to check out what you are working on! Email us your Steamworks AppID with any other necessary build information and we’ll have a look and provide feedback.



How do I get my game to show up as Rift of or Vive compatible in the Steam store?

To configure an app with VR support, change at least one Launch Option to specify one of these three Launch Type settings in the Edit Steamworks Settings area under Installation / General:


Launch Type

  • Launch SteamVR App - Use this for VR apps that use SteamVR.
  • Launch SteamVR Overlay - Use this for apps that supply a SteamVR dashboard overlay.
  • Launch in Other VR - Use this for apps that provide a VR mode other than SteamVR, for example those implemented using the Oculus SDK.

Picking one of these three options will cause the app to appear in the SteamVR group in the user’s Library. It will also cause that launch option to be presented to or chosen for the user at the appropriate times in the Steam client.



Where can I define my title’s VR-specific settings?

On the Basic Info tab in the Supported Features section, Select VR Support to indicate your title supports VR in the Steam Store. Once checked, a handy link to the additional Steamworks settings will appear. In that area you can indicate target SDKs, controller support, and play area.




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